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C.A.1.1.1 Anon (OE) Captions Danny Anlezark
C.A.1.1.2 Anon (OE) Genesis B Danny Anlezark
C.A.1.4 Anon (OE) Christ and Satan Danny Anlezark
C.A.13 Anon (OE) Solomon and Saturn Danny Anlezark
C.A.14 Anon (OE) The Menologium Danny Anlezark
C.A.18 Anon (OE) An Exhortation to Christian Living Danny Anlezark
C.A.3.1.1 Anon (OE) Christ I Danny Anlezark
C.A.3.1.3 Anon (OE) Christ III Danny Anlezark
C.A.3.10 Anon (OE) Vainglory Jane Roberts
C.A.3.2.2 Anon (OE) Guthlac B Jane Roberts
C.A.3.26 Anon (OE) The Descent into Hell Tom Hall
C.A.5 Anon (OE) Paris Psalter Jane Toswell
C.B.1.3.19 Aelfric From the Book of Kings Stewart Brookes
C.B.1.3.22 Aelfric Lives 21 (St Swithun) R.C. Love
C.B.1.5.1 Aelfric Christmas Day Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.5.10 Aelfric Assumption of the Virgin Mary Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.5.12 Aelfric Brotanek homily 1 (Dedication of a Church) Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.5.14 Aelfric Assmann 8 (On Esther) Stewart Brookes
C.B.1.6.2 Aelfric De Duodecim Abusivis Mary Clayton
C.B.1.6.3 Aelfric De septiformi spiritu Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.6.4 Aelfric De creatore et creatura Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.6.5 Aelfric De sex etatibus mundi Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.6.6 Aelfric De cogitatione Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.6.7 Aelfric De infantibus non baptizandis Aaron J. Kleist
C.B.1.9.1 Aelfric Grammar Ron Buckalew
C.B.1.9.2 Aelfric Glossary Ron Buckalew
C.B.1.9.3 Aelfric Admonitio ad Filium Spiritualem Margaret Locherbie-Cameron
C.B.11.1.1 Anon (OE) Confessionale Pseudo-Egberti Allen Frantzen
C.B.11.2 Anon (OE) Introduction to the Confessionale and the Poenitentiale Allen Frantzen
C.B.11.3.1 Anon (OE) Poenitentiale Pseudo-Egberti Allen Frantzen
C.B.11.4 Anon (OE) Old English Handbook for the use of the Confessor Allen Frantzen
C.B.11.5 Anon (OE) Poenitentiale Theodori and Capitula d'Acheriana Allen Frantzen
C.B.20.20 Byrhtferth Manual Philippa Semper
C.B.21 Anon (OE) Medical Texts Maria D'Aronco
C.B.3.5.2 Anon (OE) Forlæte ælc cristen man Don Scragg
C.B.8.2 Alfred Psalms 1-50 Patrick O'Neill

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Page created 24 May 2001
Last updated 10 June 2007