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Texts included in the database

L.E.8.1 ABBO OF FLEURY Passio S. Eadmundi R.C. Love 40
C.B.1.5.8 AELFRIC Assmann 3 (Homily for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) Mary Clayton 92
C.B.1.5.11 AELFRIC Assmann 4 (Homily for the Common of a Confessor) Mary Clayton 44
C.B.1.5.4 AELFRIC Assmann 5 (Friday after Fifth Sunday in Lent) M.B. Bedingfield 63
C.B.1.5.5 AELFRIC Assmann 6 (Third Sunday after Easter) M.B. Bedingfield 26
C.B.1.1.1 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.praefatio M.R. Godden 9
C.B.1.1.2 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.1 M.R. Godden 28
C.B.1.1.3 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.2 M.R. Godden 58
C.B.1.1.4 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.3 M.R. Godden 38
C.B.1.1.5 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.4 M.R. Godden 49
C.B.1.1.6 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.5 M.R. Godden 39
C.B.1.1.7 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.6 M.R. Godden 48
C.B.1.1.8 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.7 M.R. Godden 47
C.B.1.1.9 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.8 M.R. Godden 55
C.B.1.1.10 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.9 M.R. Godden 48
C.B.1.1.11 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.10 M.R. Godden 35
C.B.1.1.12 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.11 M.R. Godden 52
C.B.1.1.13 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.12 M.R. Godden 31
C.B.1.1.14 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.13 M.R. Godden 51
C.B.1.1.15 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.14 M.R. Godden 51
C.B.1.1.17 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.15 M.R. Godden 25
C.B.1.1.18 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.16 M.R. Godden 39
C.B.1.1.19 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.17 M.R. Godden 60
C.B.1.1.20 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.18 M.R. Godden 46
C.B.1.1.21 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.19 M.R. Godden 35
C.B.1.1.22 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.20 M.R. Godden 31
C.B.1.1.23 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.21 M.R. Godden 49
C.B.1.1.24 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.22 M.R. Godden 40
C.B.1.1.25 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.23 M.R. Godden 25
C.B.1.1.26 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.24 M.R. Godden 50
C.B.1.1.27 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.25 M.R. Godden 46
C.B.1.1.28 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.26 M.R. Godden 73
C.B.1.1.29 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.27 M.R. Godden 28
C.B.1.1.30 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.28 M.R. Godden 50
C.B.1.1.31 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.29 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.1.32 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.30 M.R. Godden 57
C.B.1.1.33 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.31 M.R. Godden 46
C.B.1.1.34 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.32 M.R. Godden 43
C.B.1.1.35 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.33 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.1.36 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.34 M.R. Godden 52
C.B.1.1.37 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.35 M.R. Godden 64
C.B.1.1.38 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.36 M.R. Godden 77
C.B.1.1.39 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.37 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.1.40 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.38 M.R. Godden 52
C.B.1.1.41 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.39 M.R. Godden 36
C.B.1.1.42 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 1.40 M.R. Godden 61
C.B.1.2.1 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.praefatio M.R. Godden 4
C.B.1.2.2 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.1 M.R. Godden 63
C.B.1.2.3 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.2 M.R. Godden 46
C.B.1.2.4 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.3 M.R. Godden 72
C.B.1.2.5 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.4 M.R. Godden 53
C.B.1.2.6 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.5 M.R. Godden 48
C.B.1.2.7 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.6 M.R. Godden 28
C.B.1.2.8 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.7 M.R. Godden 31
C.B.1.2.9 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.8 M.R. Godden 23
C.B.1.2.10 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.9 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.2.11 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.10 M.R. Godden 61
C.B.1.2.12 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.11 M.R. Godden 52
C.B.1.2.13/14 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.12 M.R. Godden 105
C.B.1.2.15 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.13 M.R. Godden 55
C.B.1.2.16 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.14 M.R. Godden 90
C.B.1.2.18 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.15 M.R. Godden 70
C.B.1.2.19/20 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.16 M.R. Godden 32
C.B.1.2.21 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.17 M.R. Godden 13
C.B.1.2.22/23 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.18 M.R. Godden 15
C.B.1.2.24 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.19 M.R. Godden 83
C.B.1.2.25 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.20 M.R. Godden 48
C.B.1.2.26/27 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.21 M.R. Godden 13
C.B.1.2.28 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.22 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.2.29/30 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.23 M.R. Godden 30
C.B.1.2.31 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.24 M.R. Godden 38
C.B.1.2.32 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.25 M.R. Godden 28
C.B.1.2.33 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.26 M.R. Godden 31
C.B.1.2.34 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.27 M.R. Godden 25
C.B.1.2.35 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.28 M.R. Godden 17
C.B.1.2.36 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.29 M.R. Godden 21
C.B.1.2.37 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.30 M.R. Godden 33
C.B.1.2.38 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.31 M.R. Godden 10
C.B.1.2.40 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.32 M.R. Godden 36
C.B.1.2.41 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.33 M.R. Godden 21
C.B.1.2.42 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.34 M.R. Godden 40
C.B.1.2.44 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.35 M.R. Godden 22
C.B.1.2.45 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.36 M.R. Godden 23
C.B.1.2.46 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.37 M.R. Godden 23
C.B.1.2.47 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.38 M.R. Godden 27
C.B.1.2.48 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.39 M.R. Godden 42
C.B.1.2.49 AELFRIC Catholic homilies 2.40 M.R. Godden 49
C.B.1.8.7 AELFRIC De Sanguine Mary Clayton 14
C.B.1.9.4 AELFRIC De temporibus anni M. Atherton 158
L.G.7.1 AELFRIC Excerpts from Julian of Toledo M.R. Godden 194
C.B.1.7.2 AELFRIC Heptateuch (See ANON (OE) Heptateuch) Richard Marsden 229
C.B.1.6.1 AELFRIC Interrogationes Sigewulfi in Genesin M.B. Bedingfield 184
C.B.1.5.6 AELFRIC Irvine 1 Susan Irvine 20
C.B.1.5.7 AELFRIC Irvine 2 Susan Irvine 42
C.B.1.5.2 AELFRIC Irvine 3 Susan Irvine 61
C.B.1.3.35 AELFRIC Irvine 4, lines 1-283 (St Vincent's Day) Susan Irvine 29
C.B.1.5.9 AELFRIC Irvine 4, lines 284-372 (St Vincent's Day) Susan Irvine 30
C.B.1.3.2 AELFRIC Lives 1 (Nativity of Christ) M.R. Godden 67
C.B.1.3.3 AELFRIC Lives 2 (St Eugenia) R. Jayatilaka 57
C.B.1.3.4 AELFRIC Lives 3 (St Basil) R. Jayatilaka 38
C.B.1.3.5 AELFRIC Lives 4 (SS Julian and Basilissa) R. Jayatilaka 90
C.B.1.3.6 AELFRIC Lives 5 (St Sebastian) R. Jayatilaka 74
C.B.1.3.7 AELFRIC Lives 6 (St Maur) R. Jayatilaka 46
C.B.1.3.8 AELFRIC Lives 7 (St Agnes) R. Jayatilaka 40
C.B.1.3.9 AELFRIC Lives 8 (St Agatha) R. Jayatilaka 29
C.B.1.3.10 AELFRIC Lives 9 (St Lucy) R. Jayatilaka 10
C.B.1.3.11 AELFRIC Lives 10 (Chair of St Peter) R. Jayatilaka 38
C.B.1.3.12 AELFRIC Lives 11 (The Forty Soldiers) R. Jayatilaka 37
C.B.1.3.15 AELFRIC Lives 14 (St George) R. Jayatilaka 29
C.B.1.3.16 AELFRIC Lives 15 (St Mark, the Evangelist) R. Jayatilaka 54
C.B.1.3.18 AELFRIC Lives 17 (On Auguries) M.R. Godden 52
C.B.1.3.20 AELFRIC Lives 19 (Passion of St Alban) R. Jayatilaka 30
C.B.1.3.21 AELFRIC Lives 20 (St Æthelthryth) Peter Jackson 25
C.B.1.3.23 AELFRIC Lives 22 (St Apollinaris) R. Jayatilaka 31
C.B.1.3.24 AELFRIC Lives 24 (SS Abdon and Sennes) R. Jayatilaka 20
C.B.1.3.25 AELFRIC Lives 25 (The Maccabees) S.D. Lee 125
C.B.1.3.26 AELFRIC Lives 26 (St Oswald) R. Jayatilaka 64
C.B.1.3.27 AELFRIC Lives 27 (The Exaltation of the Holy Cross) R. Jayatilaka 22
C.B.1.3.28 AELFRIC Lives 28 (St Maurice and his Companions) R. Jayatilaka 17
C.B.1.3.29 AELFRIC Lives 29 (Passion of St Denis and his Companions) R. Jayatilaka 33
C.B.1.3.30 AELFRIC Lives 31 (St Martin) R. Jayatilaka 161
C.B.1.3.31 AELFRIC Lives 32 (Passion of St Edmund) R. Jayatilaka 42
C.B.1.3.32 AELFRIC Lives 34 (Passion of St Cecilia) R. Jayatilaka 36
C.B.1.3.33 AELFRIC Lives 35 (Passion of SS Chrysanthus and Daria) R. Jayatilaka 25
C.B.1.3.34 AELFRIC Lives 36 (Passion of St Thomas the Apostle) R. Jayatilaka 23
C.B.12.3.2 AELFRIC Mass creed D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B.12.3.1 AELFRIC Minor (apostles') creed D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B.1.9.8 AELFRIC Napier homily 31 W.P. Rudolf 1
C.B.12.4.1 AELFRIC Old English Pater Noster D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 1 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 2 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 3 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 4 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 5 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 6 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 7 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 8 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 9 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B. AELFRIC Prayers 10 D.G. Bzdyl 1
C.B.1.7.1 AELFRIC Preface to Genesis M. Griffith 64
C.B.1.4.1 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 1 R. Jayatilaka 104
C.B.1.4.2 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 2 R. Jayatilaka 59
C.B.1.4.3 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 3 R. Jayatilaka 32
C.B.1.4.4 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 4 R. Jayatilaka 65
C.B.1.4.5 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 5 R. Jayatilaka 69
C.B.1.4.6 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 6 R. Jayatilaka 51
C.B.1.4.7 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 7 R. Jayatilaka 41
C.B.1.4.8 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 8 R. Jayatilaka 48
C.B.1.4.9 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 9 R. Jayatilaka 43
C.B.1.4.10 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 10 R. Jayatilaka 53
C.B.1.4.11 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 11 R. Jayatilaka 105
C.B.1.4.13 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 12 R. Jayatilaka 48
C.B.1.4.14 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 13 R. Jayatilaka 42
C.B.1.4.15 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 14 R. Jayatilaka 41
C.B.1.4.16 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 15 R. Jayatilaka 41
C.B.1.4.17 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 16 R. Jayatilaka 56
C.B.1.4.18 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 17 R. Jayatilaka 56
C.B.1.4.19 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 18 R. Jayatilaka 70
C.B.1.4.20 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 19 R. Jayatilaka 29
C.B.1.4.21 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 20 R. Jayatilaka 68
C.B.1.4.22 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 21 R. Jayatilaka 70
C.B.1.4.23 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 22 R. Jayatilaka 20
C.B.1.4.24 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 23 R. Jayatilaka 44
C.B.1.4.25 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 24 R. Jayatilaka 2
C.B.1.4.26 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 25 R. Jayatilaka 13
C.B.1.4.27 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 26 R. Jayatilaka 18
C.B.1.4.28 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 27 R. Jayatilaka 7
C.B.1.4.29 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 28 R. Jayatilaka 2
C.B.1.4.30 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 29 R. Jayatilaka 22
C.B.1.4.31 AELFRIC Supplementary homilies 30 R. Jayatilaka 18
C.B.10.3.1 AETHELWOLD Benedict of Monte Cassino, Regula R. Jayatilaka 720
L.A.6.1 ALCUIN Carmen 1 (Poem on York) Andy Orchard 111
L.E.6.3 ALCUIN Homilia in festivitate S. Willibrordi R.C. Love 8
L.E.6.4 ALCUIN Laudationes S. Martini R.C. Love 5
L.E.6.5 ALCUIN Sermo de transitu S. Martini R.C. Love 2
L.E.6.6 ALCUIN Vita S. Richarii R.C. Love 24
L.E.6.7 ALCUIN Vita S. Vedastis R.C. Love 23
L.E.6.1 ALCUIN Vita S. Willibrordi (prose) R.C. Love 34
L.A.1.3 ALDHELM Carmen de uirginitate Andy Orchard 456
L.A.1.3.1 ALDHELM Carmen de uirginitate praefatio Andy Orchard 6
L.A.1.1.1 ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 1 Andy Orchard 7
L.A.1.1.2 ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 2 Andy Orchard 9
L.A.1.1.3 ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 3 Andy Orchard 11
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.1 Andy Orchard 9
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.2 Andy Orchard 10
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.3 Andy Orchard 7
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.4 Andy Orchard 2
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.5 Andy Orchard 1
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.6 Andy Orchard 8
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.7 Andy Orchard 7
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.8 Andy Orchard 6
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.9 Andy Orchard 4
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.10 Andy Orchard 6
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.11 Andy Orchard 1
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.12 Andy Orchard 1
L.A. ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 4.13 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.1.5 ALDHELM Carmen Ecclesiasticum 5 Andy Orchard 3
L.A. ALDHELM Enigmata praefatio Andy Orchard 5
L.A.1.2.2 ALDHELM Enigma 2 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.3 ALDHELM Enigma 3 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.4 ALDHELM Enigma 4 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.5 ALDHELM Enigma 5 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.6 ALDHELM Enigma 6 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.7 ALDHELM Enigma 7 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.10 ALDHELM Enigma 10 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.11 ALDHELM Enigma 11 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.12 ALDHELM Enigma 12 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.13 ALDHELM Enigma 13 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.16 ALDHELM Enigma 16 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.17 ALDHELM Enigma 17 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.19 ALDHELM Enigma 19 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.20 ALDHELM Enigma 20 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.21 ALDHELM Enigma 21 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.23 ALDHELM Enigma 23 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.24 ALDHELM Enigma 24 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.26 ALDHELM Enigma 26 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.27 ALDHELM Enigma 27 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.29 ALDHELM Enigma 29 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.31 ALDHELM Enigma 31 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.33 ALDHELM Enigma 33 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.34 ALDHELM Enigma 34 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.35 ALDHELM Enigma 35 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.36 ALDHELM Enigma 36 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.38 ALDHELM Enigma 38 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.39 ALDHELM Enigma 39 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.40 ALDHELM Enigma 40 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.41 ALDHELM Enigma 41 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.42 ALDHELM Enigma 42 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.44 ALDHELM Enigma 44 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.46 ALDHELM Enigma 46 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.47 ALDHELM Enigma 47 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.48 ALDHELM Enigma 48 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.49 ALDHELM Enigma 49 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.50 ALDHELM Enigma 50 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.51 ALDHELM Enigma 51 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.53 ALDHELM Enigma 53 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.54 ALDHELM Enigma 54 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.55 ALDHELM Enigma 55 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.56 ALDHELM Enigma 56 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.57 ALDHELM Enigma 57 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.58 ALDHELM Enigma 58 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.59 ALDHELM Enigma 59 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.60 ALDHELM Enigma 60 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.61 ALDHELM Enigma 61 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.63 ALDHELM Enigma 63 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.64 ALDHELM Enigma 64 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.65 ALDHELM Enigma 65 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.66 ALDHELM Enigma 66 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.69 ALDHELM Enigma 69 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.71 ALDHELM Enigma 71 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.72 ALDHELM Enigma 72 Andy Orchard 4
L.A.1.2.74 ALDHELM Enigma 74 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.76 ALDHELM Enigma 76 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.77 ALDHELM Enigma 77 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.78 ALDHELM Enigma 78 Andy Orchard 4
L.A.1.2.79 ALDHELM Enigma 79 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.81 ALDHELM Enigma 81 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.82 ALDHELM Enigma 82 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.83 ALDHELM Enigma 83 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.84 ALDHELM Enigma 84 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.89 ALDHELM Enigma 89 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.90 ALDHELM Enigma 90 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.1.2.91 ALDHELM Enigma 91 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.92 ALDHELM Enigma 92 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.93 ALDHELM Enigma 93 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.95 ALDHELM Enigma 95 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.1.2.96 ALDHELM Enigma 96 Andy Orchard 5
L.A.1.2.97 ALDHELM Enigma 97 Andy Orchard 7
L.A.1.2.98 ALDHELM Enigma 98 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.99 ALDHELM Enigma 99 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.1.2.100 ALDHELM Enigma 100 Andy Orchard 11
C.B.9.4 ALFRED Augustine, Soliloquies M.R. Godden 125
C.B.9.3 ALFRED Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy N.G. Discenza 742
C.B.9.1 ALFRED Gregory the Great, The Pastoral Care J. Hart 738
L.S.2 ANON (Lat.) Charter S2 R.C. Love 2
L.S.4 ANON (Lat.) Charter S4 R.C. Love 6
L.S.7 ANON (Lat.) Charter S7 R.C. Love 1
L.S.10 ANON (Lat.) Charter S10 R.C. Love 1
L.S.22 ANON (Lat.) Charter S22 R.C. Love 1
L.S.24 ANON (Lat.) Charter S24 R.C. Love 1
L.S.27 ANON (Lat.) Charter S27 R.C. Love 1
L.S.29 ANON (Lat.) Charter S29 R.C. Love 1
L.S.31 ANON (Lat.) Charter S31 R.C. Love 2
L.S.32 ANON (Lat.) Charter S32 R.C. Love 1
L.S.33 ANON (Lat.) Charter S33 R.C. Love 2
L.S.35 ANON (Lat.) Charter S35 R.C. Love 2
L.S.36 ANON (Lat.) Charter S36 R.C. Love 1
L.S.41 ANON (Lat.) Charter S41 R.C. Love 2
L.S.49 ANON (Lat.) Charter S49 R.C. Love 1
L.S.52 ANON (Lat.) Charter S52 R.C. Love 1
L.S.53 ANON (Lat.) Charter S53 R.C. Love 1
L.S.54 ANON (Lat.) Charter S54 R.C. Love 1
L.S.55 ANON (Lat.) Charter S55 R.C. Love 1
L.S.56 ANON (Lat.) Charter S56 R.C. Love 1
L.S.58 ANON (Lat.) Charter S58 R.C. Love 1
L.S.59 ANON (Lat.) Charter S59 R.C. Love 1
L.S.60 ANON (Lat.) Charter S60 R.C. Love 1
L.S.63 ANON (Lat.) Charter S63 R.C. Love 2
L.S.67 ANON (Lat.) Charter S67 R.C. Love 3
L.S.68 ANON (Lat.) Charter S68 R.C. Love 5
L.S.71 ANON (Lat.) Charter S71 R.C. Love 1
L.S.73 ANON (Lat.) Charter S73 R.C. Love 1
L.S.76 ANON (Lat.) Charter S76 R.C. Love 3
L.S.77 ANON (Lat.) Charter S77 R.C. Love 3
L.S.79 ANON (Lat.) Charter S79 R.C. Love 1
L.S.81 ANON (Lat.) Charter S81 R.C. Love 1
L.S.82 ANON (Lat.) Charter S82 R.C. Love 2
L.S.90 ANON (Lat.) Charter S90 R.C. Love 1
L.S.91 ANON (Lat.) Charter S91 R.C. Love 3
L.S.100 ANON (Lat.) Charter S100 R.C. Love 1
L.S.103 ANON (Lat.) Charter S103 R.C. Love 2
L.S.104 ANON (Lat.) Charter S104 R.C. Love 2
L.S.105 ANON (Lat.) Charter S105 R.C. Love 4
L.S.107 ANON (Lat.) Charter S107 R.C. Love 3
L.S.110 ANON (Lat.) Charter S110 R.C. Love 1
L.S.111 ANON (Lat.) Charter S111 R.C. Love 1
L.S.117 ANON (Lat.) Charter S117 R.C. Love 1
L.S.127 ANON (Lat.) Charter S127 R.C. Love 1
L.S.129 ANON (Lat.) Charter S129 R.C. Love 1
L.S.130 ANON (Lat.) Charter S130 R.C. Love 2
L.S.132 ANON (Lat.) Charter S132 R.C. Love 1
L.S.133 ANON (Lat.) Charter S133 R.C. Love 1
L.S.142 ANON (Lat.) Charter S142 R.C. Love 1
L.S.149 ANON (Lat.) Charter S149 R.C. Love 2
L.S.153 ANON (Lat.) Charter S153 R.C. Love 1
L.S.164 ANON (Lat.) Charter S164 R.C. Love 1
L.S.172 ANON (Lat.) Charter S172 R.C. Love 1
L.S.175 ANON (Lat.) Charter S175 R.C. Love 2
L.S.176 ANON (Lat.) Charter S176 R.C. Love 2
L.S.177 ANON (Lat.) Charter S177 R.C. Love 2
L.S.178 ANON (Lat.) Charter S178 R.C. Love 1
L.S.179 ANON (Lat.) Charter S179 R.C. Love 3
L.S.180 ANON (Lat.) Charter S180 R.C. Love 2
L.S.181 ANON (Lat.) Charter S181 R.C. Love 3
L.S.186 ANON (Lat.) Charter S186 R.C. Love 1
L.S.190 ANON (Lat.) Charter S190 R.C. Love 4
L.S.193 ANON (Lat.) Charter S193 R.C. Love 9
L.S.197 ANON (Lat.) Charter S197 R.C. Love 5
L.S.198 ANON (Lat.) Charter S198 R.C. Love 1
L.S.201 ANON (Lat.) Charter S201 R.C. Love 2
L.S.202 ANON (Lat.) Charter S202 R.C. Love 1
L.S.205 ANON (Lat.) Charter S205 R.C. Love 1
L.S.208 ANON (Lat.) Charter S208 R.C. Love 1
L.S.210 ANON (Lat.) Charter S210 R.C. Love 1
L.S.214 ANON (Lat.) Charter S214 R.C. Love 2
L.S.221 ANON (Lat.) Charter S221 R.C. Love 2
L.S.225 ANON (Lat.) Charter S225 R.C. Love 1
L.S.226 ANON (Lat.) Charter S226 R.C. Love 4
L.S.227 ANON (Lat.) Charter S227 R.C. Love 1
L.S.229 ANON (Lat.) Charter S229 R.C. Love 1
L.S.230 ANON (Lat.) Charter S230 R.C. Love 1
L.S.231 ANON (Lat.) Charter S231 R.C. Love 1
L.S.232 ANON (Lat.) Charter S232 R.C. Love 1
L.S.233 ANON (Lat.) Charter S233 R.C. Love 3
L.S.234 ANON (Lat.) Charter S234 R.C. Love 1
L.S.235 ANON (Lat.) Charter S235 R.C. Love 2
L.S.237 ANON (Lat.) Charter S237 R.C. Love 1
L.S.249 ANON (Lat.) Charter S249 R.C. Love 1
L.S.251 ANON (Lat.) Charter S251 R.C. Love 1
L.S.253 ANON (Lat.) Charter S253 R.C. Love 1
L.S.256 ANON (Lat.) Charter S256 R.C. Love 1
L.S.263 ANON (Lat.) Charter S263 R.C. Love 1
L.S.274 ANON (Lat.) Charter S274 R.C. Love 2
L.S.275 ANON (Lat.) Charter S275 R.C. Love 1
L.S.284 ANON (Lat.) Charter S284 R.C. Love 1
L.S.286 ANON (Lat.) Charter S286 R.C. Love 1
L.S.288 ANON (Lat.) Charter S288 R.C. Love 1
L.S.290 ANON (Lat.) Charter S290 R.C. Love 2
L.S.292 ANON (Lat.) Charter S292 R.C. Love 1
L.S.298 ANON (Lat.) Charter S298 R.C. Love 3
L.S.312 ANON (Lat.) Charter S312 R.C. Love 1
L.S.330 ANON (Lat.) Charter S330 R.C. Love 1
L.S.334 ANON (Lat.) Charter S334 R.C. Love 1
L.S.338 ANON (Lat.) Charter S338 R.C. Love 1
L.S.345 ANON (Lat.) Charter S345 R.C. Love 1
L.S.351 ANON (Lat.) Charter S351 R.C. Love 3
L.S.364 ANON (Lat.) Charter S364 R.C. Love 6
L.S.368 ANON (Lat.) Charter S368 R.C. Love 4
L.S.378 ANON (Lat.) Charter S378 R.C. Love 1
L.S.379 ANON (Lat.) Charter S379 R.C. Love 4
L.S.395 ANON (Lat.) Charter S395 R.C. Love 1
L.S.399 ANON (Lat.) Charter S399 R.C. Love 4
L.S.400 ANON (Lat.) Charter S400 R.C. Love 4
L.S.401 ANON (Lat.) Charter S401 R.C. Love 1
L.S.402 ANON (Lat.) Charter S402 R.C. Love 5
L.S.403 ANON (Lat.) Charter S403 R.C. Love 1
L.S.404 ANON (Lat.) Charter S404 R.C. Love 4
L.S.407 ANON (Lat.) Charter S407 R.C. Love 2
L.S.408 ANON (Lat.) Charter S408 R.C. Love 2
L.S.410 ANON (Lat.) Charter S410 R.C. Love 2
L.S.412 ANON (Lat.) Charter S412 R.C. Love 4
L.S.413 ANON (Lat.) Charter S413 R.C. Love 3
L.S.416 ANON (Lat.) Charter S416 R.C. Love 4
L.S.417 ANON (Lat.) Charter S417 R.C. Love 7
L.S.418 ANON (Lat.) Charter S418 R.C. Love 5
L.S.418a ANON (Lat.) Charter S418a R.C. Love 4
L.S.419 ANON (Lat.) Charter S419 R.C. Love 4
L.S.421 ANON (Lat.) Charter S421 R.C. Love 6
L.S.422 ANON (Lat.) Charter S422 R.C. Love 4
L.S.423 ANON (Lat.) Charter S423 R.C. Love 6
L.S.425 ANON (Lat.) Charter S425 R.C. Love 2
L.S.426 ANON (Lat.) Charter S426 R.C. Love 3
L.S.428 ANON (Lat.) Charter S428 R.C. Love 3
L.S.429 ANON (Lat.) Charter S429 R.C. Love 4
L.S.430 ANON (Lat.) Charter S430 R.C. Love 1
L.S.433 ANON (Lat.) Charter S433 R.C. Love 2
L.S.438 ANON (Lat.) Charter S438 R.C. Love 3
L.S.439 ANON (Lat.) Charter S439 R.C. Love 2
L.S.441 ANON (Lat.) Charter S441 R.C. Love 3
L.S.442 ANON (Lat.) Charter S442 R.C. Love 2
L.S.445 ANON (Lat.) Charter S445 R.C. Love 4
L.S.446 ANON (Lat.) Charter S446 R.C. Love 1
L.S.449 ANON (Lat.) Charter S449 R.C. Love 2
L.S.458 ANON (Lat.) Charter S458 R.C. Love 1
L.S.461 ANON (Lat.) Charter S461 R.C. Love 4
L.S.462 ANON (Lat.) Charter S462 R.C. Love 4
L.S.463 ANON (Lat.) Charter S463 R.C. Love 4
L.S.465 ANON (Lat.) Charter S465 R.C. Love 3
L.S.466 ANON (Lat.) Charter S466 R.C. Love 3
L.S.469 ANON (Lat.) Charter S469 R.C. Love 1
L.S.470 ANON (Lat.) Charter S470 R.C. Love 2
L.S.471 ANON (Lat.) Charter S471 R.C. Love 2
L.S.472 ANON (Lat.) Charter S472 R.C. Love 4
L.S.473 ANON (Lat.) Charter S473 R.C. Love 8
L.S.474 ANON (Lat.) Charter S474 R.C. Love 3
L.S.475 ANON (Lat.) Charter S475 R.C. Love 3
L.S.478 ANON (Lat.) Charter S478 R.C. Love 4
L.S.479 ANON (Lat.) Charter S479 R.C. Love 2
L.S.480 ANON (Lat.) Charter S480 R.C. Love 1
L.S.481 ANON (Lat.) Charter S481 R.C. Love 1
L.S.482 ANON (Lat.) Charter S482 R.C. Love 3
L.S.484 ANON (Lat.) Charter S484 R.C. Love 2
L.S.485 ANON (Lat.) Charter S485 R.C. Love 1
L.S.488 ANON (Lat.) Charter S488 R.C. Love 3
L.S.489 ANON (Lat.) Charter S489 R.C. Love 2
L.S.491 ANON (Lat.) Charter S491 R.C. Love 1
L.S.492 ANON (Lat.) Charter S492 R.C. Love 3
L.S.493 ANON (Lat.) Charter S493 R.C. Love 1
L.S.494 ANON (Lat.) Charter S494 R.C. Love 1
L.S.496 ANON (Lat.) Charter S496 R.C. Love 1
L.S.500 ANON (Lat.) Charter S500 R.C. Love 1
L.S.502 ANON (Lat.) Charter S502 R.C. Love 1
L.S.503 ANON (Lat.) Charter S503 R.C. Love 2
L.S.505 ANON (Lat.) Charter S505 R.C. Love 2
L.S.508 ANON (Lat.) Charter S508 R.C. Love 2
L.S.510 ANON (Lat.) Charter S510 R.C. Love 1
L.S.512 ANON (Lat.) Charter S512 R.C. Love 1
L.S.513 ANON (Lat.) Charter S513 R.C. Love 3
L.S.514 ANON (Lat.) Charter S514 R.C. Love 1
L.S.516 ANON (Lat.) Charter S516 R.C. Love 3
L.S.517a ANON (Lat.) Charter S517a R.C. Love 2
L.S.517b ANON (Lat.) Charter S517bs R.C. Love 2
L.S.518 ANON (Lat.) Charter S518 R.C. Love 1
L.S.519 ANON (Lat.) Charter S519 R.C. Love 2
L.S.522a ANON (Lat.) Charter S522a R.C. Love 4
L.S.523 ANON (Lat.) Charter S523 R.C. Love 3
L.S.524 ANON (Lat.) Charter S524 R.C. Love 3
L.S.526 ANON (Lat.) Charter S526 R.C. Love 1
L.S.527 ANON (Lat.) Charter S527 R.C. Love 2
L.S.529 ANON (Lat.) Charter S529 R.C. Love 2
L.S.531 ANON (Lat.) Charter S531 R.C. Love 1
L.S.532 ANON (Lat.) Charter S532 R.C. Love 2
L.S.533 ANON (Lat.) Charter S533 R.C. Love 2
L.S.534 ANON (Lat.) Charter S534 R.C. Love 2
L.S.536 ANON (Lat.) Charter S536 R.C. Love 3
L.S.540 ANON (Lat.) Charter S540 R.C. Love 3
L.S.541 ANON (Lat.) Charter S541 R.C. Love 3
L.S.542 ANON (Lat.) Charter S542 R.C. Love 2
L.S.544 ANON (Lat.) Charter S544 R.C. Love 1
L.S.546 ANON (Lat.) Charter S546 R.C. Love 8
L.S.549 ANON (Lat.) Charter S549 R.C. Love 2
L.S.552 ANON (Lat.) Charter S552 R.C. Love 1
L.S.553 ANON (Lat.) Charter S553 R.C. Love 1
L.S.554 ANON (Lat.) Charter S554 R.C. Love 1
L.S.557 ANON (Lat.) Charter S557 R.C. Love 2
L.S.558 ANON (Lat.) Charter S558 R.C. Love 2
L.S.569 ANON (Lat.) Charter S569 R.C. Love 3
L.S.572 ANON (Lat.) Charter S572 R.C. Love 1
L.S.573 ANON (Lat.) Charter S573 R.C. Love 1
L.S.580 ANON (Lat.) Charter S580 R.C. Love 2
L.S.581 ANON (Lat.) Charter S581 R.C. Love 2
L.S.586 ANON (Lat.) Charter S586 R.C. Love 1
L.S.587 ANON (Lat.) Charter S587 R.C. Love 1
L.S.588 ANON (Lat.) Charter S588 R.C. Love 1
L.S.591 ANON (Lat.) Charter S591 R.C. Love 2
L.S.594 ANON (Lat.) Charter S594 R.C. Love 1
L.S.600 ANON (Lat.) Charter S600 R.C. Love 1
L.S.601 ANON (Lat.) Charter S601 R.C. Love 1
L.S.602 ANON (Lat.) Charter S602 R.C. Love 1
L.S.609 ANON (Lat.) Charter S609 R.C. Love 1
L.S.610 ANON (Lat.) Charter S610 R.C. Love 1
L.S.612 ANON (Lat.) Charter S612 R.C. Love 1
L.S.613 ANON (Lat.) Charter S613 R.C. Love 2
L.S.615 ANON (Lat.) Charter S615 R.C. Love 2
L.S.616 ANON (Lat.) Charter S616 R.C. Love 2
L.S.617 ANON (Lat.) Charter S617 R.C. Love 4
L.S.618 ANON (Lat.) Charter S618 R.C. Love 3
L.S.619 ANON (Lat.) Charter S619 R.C. Love 1
L.S.621 ANON (Lat.) Charter S621 R.C. Love 3
L.S.623 ANON (Lat.) Charter S623 R.C. Love 2
L.S.629 ANON (Lat.) Charter S629 R.C. Love 1
L.S.630 ANON (Lat.) Charter S630 R.C. Love 1
L.S.632 ANON (Lat.) Charter S632 R.C. Love 1
L.S.638 ANON (Lat.) Charter S638 R.C. Love 1
L.S.640 ANON (Lat.) Charter S640 R.C. Love 1
L.S.641 ANON (Lat.) Charter S641 R.C. Love 2
L.S.646 ANON (Lat.) Charter S646 R.C. Love 1
L.S.647 ANON (Lat.) Charter S647 R.C. Love 1
L.S.653 ANON (Lat.) Charter S653 R.C. Love 2
L.S.654 ANON (Lat.) Charter S654 R.C. Love 3
L.S.658 ANON (Lat.) Charter S658 R.C. Love 5
L.S.659 ANON (Lat.) Charter S659 R.C. Love 1
L.S.663 ANON (Lat.) Charter S663 R.C. Love 1
L.S.664 ANON (Lat.) Charter S664 R.C. Love 4
L.S.666 ANON (Lat.) Charter S666 R.C. Love 2
L.S.667 ANON (Lat.) Charter S667 R.C. Love 3
L.S.671 ANON (Lat.) Charter S671 R.C. Love 2
L.S.673 ANON (Lat.) Charter S673 R.C. Love 5
L.S.674 ANON (Lat.) Charter S674 R.C. Love 1
L.S.679 ANON (Lat.) Charter S679 R.C. Love 1
L.S.681 ANON (Lat.) Charter S681 R.C. Love 1
L.S.682 ANON (Lat.) Charter S682 R.C. Love 2
L.S.685 ANON (Lat.) Charter S685 R.C. Love 2
L.S.687 ANON (Lat.) Charter S687 R.C. Love 1
L.S.689 ANON (Lat.) Charter S689 R.C. Love 2
L.S.692 ANON (Lat.) Charter S692 R.C. Love 1
L.S.695 ANON (Lat.) Charter S695 R.C. Love 1
L.S.697 ANON (Lat.) Charter S697 R.C. Love 1
L.S.699 ANON (Lat.) Charter S699 R.C. Love 3
L.S.700 ANON (Lat.) Charter S700 R.C. Love 1
L.S.702 ANON (Lat.) Charter S702 R.C. Love 1
L.S.704 ANON (Lat.) Charter S704 R.C. Love 1
L.S.705 ANON (Lat.) Charter S705 R.C. Love 3
L.S.706 ANON (Lat.) Charter S706 R.C. Love 1
L.S.710 ANON (Lat.) Charter S710 R.C. Love 1
L.S.711 ANON (Lat.) Charter S711 R.C. Love 1
L.S.712 ANON (Lat.) Charter S712 R.C. Love 2
L.S.714 ANON (Lat.) Charter S714 R.C. Love 1
L.S.716 ANON (Lat.) Charter S716 R.C. Love 1
L.S.718 ANON (Lat.) Charter S718 R.C. Love 2
L.S.721 ANON (Lat.) Charter S721 R.C. Love 1
L.S.724 ANON (Lat.) Charter S724 R.C. Love 1
L.S.725 ANON (Lat.) Charter S725 R.C. Love 1
L.S.729 ANON (Lat.) Charter S729 R.C. Love 1
L.S.732 ANON (Lat.) Charter S732 R.C. Love 2
L.S.733 ANON (Lat.) Charter S733 R.C. Love 2
L.S.734 ANON (Lat.) Charter S734 R.C. Love 2
L.S.736 ANON (Lat.) Charter S736 R.C. Love 1
L.S.737 ANON (Lat.) Charter S737 R.C. Love 5
L.S.739 ANON (Lat.) Charter S739 R.C. Love 2
L.S.740 ANON (Lat.) Charter S740 R.C. Love 1
L.S.742 ANON (Lat.) Charter S742 R.C. Love 2
L.S.745 ANON (Lat.) Charter S745 R.C. Love 7
L.S.747 ANON (Lat.) Charter S747 R.C. Love 1
L.S.749 ANON (Lat.) Charter S749 R.C. Love 2
L.S.754 ANON (Lat.) Charter S754 R.C. Love 1
L.S.761 ANON (Lat.) Charter S761 R.C. Love 2
L.S.763 ANON (Lat.) Charter S763 R.C. Love 1
L.S.767 ANON (Lat.) Charter S767 R.C. Love 1
L.S.770 ANON (Lat.) Charter S770 R.C. Love 2
L.S.771 ANON (Lat.) Charter S771 R.C. Love 2
L.S.777 ANON (Lat.) Charter S777 R.C. Love 3
L.S.781 ANON (Lat.) Charter S781 R.C. Love 3
L.S.786 ANON (Lat.) Charter S786 R.C. Love 5
L.S.794 ANON (Lat.) Charter S794 R.C. Love 1
L.S.801 ANON (Lat.) Charter S801 R.C. Love 1
L.S.812 ANON (Lat.) Charter S812 R.C. Love 5
L.S.814 ANON (Lat.) Charter S814 R.C. Love 1
L.S.817 ANON (Lat.) Charter S817 R.C. Love 1
L.S.818 ANON (Lat.) Charter S818 R.C. Love 1
L.S.819 ANON (Lat.) Charter S819 R.C. Love 2
L.S.820 ANON (Lat.) Charter S820 R.C. Love 2
L.S.822 ANON (Lat.) Charter S822 R.C. Love 3
L.S.824 ANON (Lat.) Charter S824 R.C. Love 1
L.S.825 ANON (Lat.) Charter S825 R.C. Love 2
L.S.827 ANON (Lat.) Charter S827 R.C. Love 2
L.S.829 ANON (Lat.) Charter S829 R.C. Love 2
L.S.837 ANON (Lat.) Charter S837 R.C. Love 1
L.S.842 ANON (Lat.) Charter S842 R.C. Love 1
L.S.844 ANON (Lat.) Charter S844 R.C. Love 4
L.S.847 ANON (Lat.) Charter S847 R.C. Love 1
L.S.850 ANON (Lat.) Charter S850 R.C. Love 1
L.S.851 ANON (Lat.) Charter S851 R.C. Love 1
L.S.853 ANON (Lat.) Charter S853 R.C. Love 2
L.S.855 ANON (Lat.) Charter S855 R.C. Love 4
L.S.856 ANON (Lat.) Charter S856 R.C. Love 2
L.S.857 ANON (Lat.) Charter S857 R.C. Love 4
L.S.860 ANON (Lat.) Charter S860 R.C. Love 2
L.S.864 ANON (Lat.) Charter S864 R.C. Love 1
L.S.871 ANON (Lat.) Charter S871 R.C. Love 3
L.S.875 ANON (Lat.) Charter S875 R.C. Love 1
L.S.876 ANON (Lat.) Charter S876 R.C. Love 3
L.S.877 ANON (Lat.) Charter S877 R.C. Love 2
L.S.878 ANON (Lat.) Charter S878 R.C. Love 1
L.S.879 ANON (Lat.) Charter S879 R.C. Love 1
L.S.880 ANON (Lat.) Charter S880 R.C. Love 2
L.S.882 ANON (Lat.) Charter S882 R.C. Love 2
L.S.884 ANON (Lat.) Charter S884 R.C. Love 2
L.S.886 ANON (Lat.) Charter S886 R.C. Love 1
L.S.888 ANON (Lat.) Charter S888 R.C. Love 1
L.S.889 ANON (Lat.) Charter S889 R.C. Love 1
L.S.891 ANON (Lat.) Charter S891 R.C. Love 2
L.S.892 ANON (Lat.) Charter S892 R.C. Love 2
L.S.893 ANON (Lat.) Charter S893 R.C. Love 4
L.S.895 ANON (Lat.) Charter S895 R.C. Love 3
L.S.896 ANON (Lat.) Charter S896 R.C. Love 1
L.S.899 ANON (Lat.) Charter S899 R.C. Love 3
L.S.901 ANON (Lat.) Charter S901 R.C. Love 1
L.S.903 ANON (Lat.) Charter S903 R.C. Love 2
L.S.904 ANON (Lat.) Charter S904 R.C. Love 3
L.S.906 ANON (Lat.) Charter S906 R.C. Love 7
L.S.911 ANON (Lat.) Charter S911 R.C. Love 3
L.S.919 ANON (Lat.) Charter S919 R.C. Love 2
L.S.920 ANON (Lat.) Charter S920 R.C. Love 1
L.S.922 ANON (Lat.) Charter S922 R.C. Love 1
L.S.924 ANON (Lat.) Charter S924 R.C. Love 2
L.S.925 ANON (Lat.) Charter S925 R.C. Love 1
L.S.926 ANON (Lat.) Charter S926 R.C. Love 2
L.S.928 ANON (Lat.) Charter S928 R.C. Love 7
L.S.932 ANON (Lat.) Charter S932 R.C. Love 1
L.S.947 ANON (Lat.) Charter S947 R.C. Love 2
L.S.951 ANON (Lat.) Charter S951 R.C. Love 1
L.S.953 ANON (Lat.) Charter S953 R.C. Love 4
L.S.954 ANON (Lat.) Charter S954 R.C. Love 4
L.S.955 ANON (Lat.) Charter S955 R.C. Love 2
L.S.967 ANON (Lat.) Charter S967 R.C. Love 3
L.S.968 ANON (Lat.) Charter S968 R.C. Love 1
L.S.973 ANON (Lat.) Charter S973 R.C. Love 1
L.S.974 ANON (Lat.) Charter S974 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1006 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1006 R.C. Love 3
L.S.1013 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1013 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1019 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1019 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1020 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1020 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1022 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1022 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1023 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1023 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1028 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1028 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1033 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1033 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1038 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1038 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1048 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1048 R.C. Love 3
L.S.1058 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1058 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1165 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1165 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1171 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1171 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1177 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1177 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1178 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1178 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1181 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1181 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1185 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1185 R.C. Love 10
L.S.1206 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1206 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1223 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1223 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1252 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1252 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1257 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1257 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1290 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1290 R.C. Love 2
L.S.1291 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1291 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1308 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1308 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1341 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1341 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1345 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1345 R.C. Love 3
L.S.1356 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1356 R.C. Love 3
L.S.1358 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1358 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1381 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1381 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1384 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1384 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1388 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1388 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1411 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1411 R.C. Love 1
L.S.1520 ANON (Lat.) Charter S1520 R.C. Love 1
L.A.42 ANON (Lat.) De clauibus sapientiae Andy Orchard 10
L.E.103 ANON (Lat.) Historia de S. Cuthberto R.C. Love 10
L.A.33 ANON (Lat.) Miracula S. Nyniae episcopi Andy Orchard 89
L.E.109 ANON (Lat.) Vita Ædwardi regis R.C. Love 17
L.E.105 ANON (Lat.) Vita prima S. Neoti et translatio R.C. Love 13
L.E.112 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Birini R.C. Love 70
L.E.101 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Ceolfrithi R.C. Love 6
L.E.100 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Cuthberti R.C. Love 44
L.E.115 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Erkenwaldi R.C. Love 11
L.E.102 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Gregorii R.C. Love 130
L.E.106 ANON (Lat.) Vita S. Rumwoldi R.C. Love 27
C.B.8.1.4 ANON (OE Heptateuch)/AELFRIC Old English Heptateuch Richard Marsden 229
C.B.19.139 ANON (OE Martyrology) Abdo, Sennes C. Rauer 8
C.B.19.038 ANON (OE Martyrology) Adrian, Natalia C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.204 ANON (OE Martyrology) Aethelburh C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.110 ANON (OE Martyrology) Aethelthryth C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.066 ANON (OE Martyrology) Aethelwald C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.149 ANON (OE Martyrology) Afra, Hilaria etc. C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.059 ANON (OE Martyrology) Agape, Chionia (Irene) C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.030 ANON (OE Martyrology) Agnes C. Rauer 8
C.B.19.171 ANON (OE Martyrology) Aidan C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.109 ANON (OE Martyrology) Alban C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.071 ANON (OE Martyrology) Alexandria C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.218 ANON (OE Martyrology) All Saints C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.060 ANON (OE Martyrology) Ambrose of Milan C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.026 ANON (OE Martyrology) Ananias, Petrus etc. C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.002 ANON (OE Martyrology) Anastasia C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.032 ANON (OE Martyrology) Anastasius C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.124 ANON (OE Martyrology) Anatolia, Audax C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.195 ANON (OE Martyrology) Andochius, Thyrsus, Felix C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.233 ANON (OE Martyrology) Andrew C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.056 ANON (OE Martyrology) Annunciation Day C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.173 ANON (OE Martyrology) Antoninus C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.022 ANON (OE Martyrology) Antony the Hermit C. Rauer 14
C.B.19.134 ANON (OE Martyrology) Apollinaris C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.131 ANON (OE Martyrology) Arsenius C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.099 ANON (OE Martyrology) Artemius, Candida, Paulina C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.156 ANON (OE Martyrology) Assumption of the Virgin Mary C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.075 ANON (OE Martyrology) Athanasius C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.092 ANON (OE Martyrology) Augustine of Canterbury C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.167 ANON (OE Martyrology) Augustine of Hippo C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.034 ANON (OE Martyrology) Babylas etc. C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.101 ANON (OE Martyrology) Barnabas C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.162 ANON (OE Martyrology) Bartholomew C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.090 ANON (OE Martyrology) Basilla C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.017 ANON (OE Martyrology) Benedict Biscop C. Rauer 11
C.B.19.051 ANON (OE Martyrology) Benedict of Nursia C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.220 ANON (OE Martyrology) Benignus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.178 ANON (OE Martyrology) Bertinus C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.219 ANON (OE Martyrology) Caesarius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.155 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cassian C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.115 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cassius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.227 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cecilia C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.214 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cedd C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.196 ANON (OE Martyrology) Ceolfrith C. Rauer 8
C.B.19.037 ANON (OE Martyrology) Chad C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.057 ANON (OE Martyrology) Christ's Descent into Hell C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.130 ANON (OE Martyrology) Christina C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.073 ANON (OE Martyrology) Christopher C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.232 ANON (OE Martyrology) Chrysanthus, Daria C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.230 ANON (OE Martyrology) Chrysogonus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.008 ANON (OE Martyrology) Columba C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.100 ANON (OE Martyrology) Columba of Iona C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.198 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cosmas, Damian C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.056a ANON (OE Martyrology) Crucifixion C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.049 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cuthbert C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.184 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cyprian C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.127 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cyricus, Julitta C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.216 ANON (OE Martyrology) Cyrilla C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.203 ANON (OE Martyrology) Dionysius, Rusticus, Eleutherius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.082 ANON (OE Martyrology) Discovery of St Michael's Church C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.145 ANON (OE Martyrology) Discovery of the Body of St Stephen C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.036 ANON (OE Martyrology) Discovery of the Head of St John the Baptist C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.077 ANON (OE Martyrology) Discovery of the Holy Cross C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.148 ANON (OE Martyrology) Donatus, Hilarinus C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.080 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eadberht C. Rauer 9
C.B.19.040 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eastorwine C. Rauer 8
C.B.19.065 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eleutherius, Antia C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.033 ANON (OE Martyrology) Emerentiana C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.011 ANON (OE Martyrology) Emiliana C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.012 ANON (OE Martyrology) Epiphany, Baptism of Christ, etc. C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.097 ANON (OE Martyrology) Erasmus C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.003 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eugenia C. Rauer 7
C.B.19.234 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eulalia C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.187 ANON (OE Martyrology) Euphemia C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.153 ANON (OE Martyrology) Euplus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.142 ANON (OE Martyrology) Eusebius of Vercelli C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.189 ANON (OE Martyrology) Fausta, Evilasius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.229 ANON (OE Martyrology) Felicity C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.019 ANON (OE Martyrology) Felix C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.170 ANON (OE Martyrology) Felix of Thibiuca C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.103 ANON (OE Martyrology) Ferreolus, Ferrucio C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.041 ANON (OE Martyrology) Forty Soldiers of Sebastea C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.021 ANON (OE Martyrology) Fursa C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.212 ANON (OE Martyrology) Genesius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.163 ANON (OE Martyrology) Genesius the Comedian C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.067 ANON (OE Martyrology) George C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.141 ANON (OE Martyrology) Germanus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.107 ANON (OE Martyrology) Gervase, Protase C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.047 ANON (OE Martyrology) Gregory Nazianzen C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.063 ANON (OE Martyrology) Guthlac C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.166 ANON (OE Martyrology) Hermes C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.237 ANON (OE Martyrology) Higebald C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.211 ANON (OE Martyrology) Hilarion C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.226 ANON (OE Martyrology) Hild C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.154 ANON (OE Martyrology) Hippolytus C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.164 ANON (OE Martyrology) Irenaeus, Abundius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.061 ANON (OE Martyrology) Irene C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.135 ANON (OE Martyrology) James the Greater C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.108 ANON (OE Martyrology) James the Less C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.188 ANON (OE Martyrology) Januarius etc. C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.200 ANON (OE Martyrology) Jerome C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.113 ANON (OE Martyrology) John and Paul C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.081 ANON (OE Martyrology) John of Beverley C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.005 ANON (OE Martyrology) John the Evangelist C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.013 ANON (OE Martyrology) Julian, Basilissa C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.197 ANON (OE Martyrology) Justina, Cyprian C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.209 ANON (OE Martyrology) Justus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.151 ANON (OE Martyrology) Lawrence C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.112 ANON (OE Martyrology) Lucia, Auceia C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.235 ANON (OE Martyrology) Lucy C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.207 ANON (OE Martyrology) Luke C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.138 ANON (OE Martyrology) Lupus C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.157 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mamas C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.186 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mamilian C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.098 ANON (OE Martyrology) Marcellinus, Peter C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.176 ANON (OE Martyrology) Marcellus C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.122 ANON (OE Martyrology) Marina C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.070 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mark C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.106 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mark, Marcellian C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.116 ANON (OE Martyrology) Martial C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.223 ANON (OE Martyrology) Martin of Tours C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.133 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mary Magdalen C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.190 ANON (OE Martyrology) Matthew C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.191 ANON (OE Martyrology) Maurice and the Theban Legion C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.224 ANON (OE Martyrology) Mennas, Heliodorus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.137 ANON (OE Martyrology) Nazarius, Celsus C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.009 ANON (OE Martyrology) Octave of Christ and Mary (Circumcision of Christ) C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.181 ANON (OE Martyrology) Omer C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.146 ANON (OE Martyrology) Oswald C. Rauer 7
C.B.19.086 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pancras C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.044 ANON (OE Martyrology) Patrick C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.016 ANON (OE Martyrology) Paul the Hermit C. Rauer 11
C.B.19.015 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pega C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.210 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pelagia C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.088 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pentecost C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.039 ANON (OE Martyrology) Perpetua, Felicity C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.114 ANON (OE Martyrology) Peter and Paul C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.094 ANON (OE Martyrology) Petronilla C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.074 ANON (OE Martyrology) Philip C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.126 ANON (OE Martyrology) Phocas C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.076 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Alexander I, Eventius, Theodulus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.010 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Anteros C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.205 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Callistus I C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.228 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Clement I C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.183 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Cornelius etc. C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.028 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Fabian C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.042 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Gregory the Great C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.089 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope John I C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.020 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Marcellus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.202 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Mark C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.007 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Silvester I C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.147 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Sixtus II C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.143 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Stephen I C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.014 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Telesphorus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.091 ANON (OE Martyrology) Pope Urban I C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.117 ANON (OE Martyrology) Processus, Martinianus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.121 ANON (OE Martyrology) Procopius C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.182 ANON (OE Martyrology) Protus, Hyacinth C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.217 ANON (OE Martyrology) Quentin C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.058 ANON (OE Martyrology) Resurrection C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.069 ANON (OE Martyrology) Rogation Day C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.078 ANON (OE Martyrology) Rogation Days C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.150 ANON (OE Martyrology) Romanus C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.125 ANON (OE Martyrology) Rufina, Secunda C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.231 ANON (OE Martyrology) Saturninus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.027 ANON (OE Martyrology) Sebastian C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.136 ANON (OE Martyrology) Simeon Stylites C. Rauer 6
C.B.19.215 ANON (OE Martyrology) Simon, Thaddeus C. Rauer 7
C.B.19.213 ANON (OE Martyrology) Sixteen Soldiers C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.192 ANON (OE Martyrology) Sosius C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.128 ANON (OE Martyrology) Speratus and the Scillitan Martyrs C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.023 ANON (OE Martyrology) Speusippus, Eleusippus, Meleusippus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.004 ANON (OE Martyrology) Stephen C. Rauer 8
C.B.19.111a ANON (OE Martyrology) Summer Solstice C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.160 ANON (OE Martyrology) Symphorian C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.129 ANON (OE Martyrology) Symphorosa and her Seven Sons C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.079 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Ascension of Christ C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.058b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of April C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.139b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of August C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.233b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of December C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.008a ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of January C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.116b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of July C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.094b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of June C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.036b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of March C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.073b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of May C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.217b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of November C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.200b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of October C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.171b ANON (OE Martyrology) The Beginning of September C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.001 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Birth of Christ C. Rauer 20
C.B.19.111 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Birth of St John the Baptist C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.180 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Birth of St Mary C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.194 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Conception of St John the Baptist C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.199 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Consecration of St Michael's Church C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.035 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Conversion of St. Paul C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.168 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Death of St John the Baptist C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.052 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Fifth Day of Creation C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.045 ANON (OE Martyrology) The First Day of Creation C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.222 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Four Crowned Ones C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.050 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Fourth Day of Creation C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.006 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Holy Innocents C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.140 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Machabees C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.046 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Second Day of Creation C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.123 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Seven Brothers C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.055 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Seventh Day of Creation C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.053 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Sixth Day of Creation, Adam and Eve C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.048 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Third Day of Creation C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.201 ANON (OE Martyrology) The Two Hewalds C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.193 ANON (OE Martyrology) Thecla C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.054 ANON (OE Martyrology) Theodoret C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.144 ANON (OE Martyrology) Theodota and her Three Sons C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.238 ANON (OE Martyrology) Thomas C. Rauer 9
C.B.19.152 ANON (OE Martyrology) Tiburtius C. Rauer 5
C.B.19.161 ANON (OE Martyrology) Timothy C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.120 ANON (OE Martyrology) Tranquillinus C. Rauer 4
C.B.19.208 ANON (OE Martyrology) Tryphonia C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.236 ANON (OE Martyrology) Ursicinus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.185 ANON (OE Martyrology) Valerian C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.064 ANON (OE Martyrology) Valerianus, Tiburtius, Maximus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.083 ANON (OE Martyrology) Victor Maurus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.132 ANON (OE Martyrology) Victor of Marseilles etc. C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.087 ANON (OE Martyrology) Victor, Corona C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.031 ANON (OE Martyrology) Vincent C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.072 ANON (OE Martyrology) Vitalis C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.102 ANON (OE Martyrology) Vitus, Modestus C. Rauer 1
C.B.19.068 ANON (OE Martyrology) Wilfrid C. Rauer 3
C.B.19.221 ANON (OE Martyrology) Winnoc C. Rauer 2
C.B.19.118 ANON (OE Martyrology) Zoe C. Rauer 2
C.B.22.1 ANON (OE) Alexander's Letter to Aristotle C. Rauer 41
C.B.17.9 ANON (OE) Anglo-Saxon Chronicle MS E Susan Irvine 287
C.B.4.1 ANON (OE) Apollonius of Tyre J. Hart 42
C.B.3.2.13 ANON (OE) Assmann homily 11 M. Atherton 57
C.B.3.2.16 ANON (OE) Assmann homily 12 M. Atherton 35
C.B.3.2.22 ANON (OE) Assmann homily 13 M. Atherton 47
C.A.3.3 ANON (OE) Azarias D.C. Anlezark 31
C.B.3.2.35 ANON (OE) Bazire and Cross homily 5 M. Atherton 22
C.B.3.2.51 ANON (OE) Bazire and Cross homily 6 M. Atherton 11
C.B.3.2.30 ANON (OE) Bazire and Cross homily 8 M. Atherton 21
C.B.3.2.31 ANON (OE) Bazire and Cross homily 9 M. Atherton 20
C.B.3.2.32 ANON (OE) Bazire and Cross homily 10 M. Atherton 21
C.B.9.6 ANON (OE) Bede, History of the English Church and People J. Hart 398
C.B.3.2.15 ANON (OE) Belfour homily 6 M. Atherton 46
C.B.3.4.18 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 1 Mary Clayton 37
C.B.3.2.8 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 2 M. Atherton 82
C.B.3.2.14 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 4 M. Atherton 28
C.B.3.3.20 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 13 Mary Clayton 19
C.B. ANON (OE) Blickling homily 13 (supplementary) Mary Clayton 1
C.B.3.3.12 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 14 M. Atherton 52
C.B.3.3.1 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 19 (St Andrew) Susan Rosser 61
C.B.3.2.49 ANON (OE) Brotanek homily 2 M. Atherton 59
C.B.10.4.1 ANON (OE) Chrodegang of Metz, Regula Canonicorum Joana Proud 188
C.B.11.10.2 ANON (OE) Confessional G. Agricola 15
C.B.11.1.2 ANON (OE) Confessional G. Agricola 7
C.B.11.10.5 ANON (OE) Confessional G. Agricola 5
C.A.1.3 ANON (OE) Daniel D.C. Anlezark 137
C.B.7.1 ANON (OE) Distichs of Cato Michael W. Twomey 26
C.B.3.3.18 ANON (OE) Euangelium Pseudo-Matthaei Mary Clayton 46
C.B.11.10.3 ANON (OE) Exhortation to Confession II G. Agricola 21
C.A.1.2 ANON (OE) Exodus D.C. Anlezark 250
C.A.1.1.1 ANON (OE) Genesis A A.N. Doane 155
C.A.3.2.1 ANON (OE) Guthlac A Catherine Clarke 31
C.B.3.2.27 ANON (OE) Homily for Easter Day (CCCC MS 162) M. Atherton 67
C.B.3.3.21 ANON (OE) Homily on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Clayton 16
C.B.3.3.6 ANON (OE) Invention of the Cross Susan Rosser 41
C.B.3.4.1 ANON (OE) Irvine homily 5 Susan Irvine 54
C.B.3.4.2 ANON (OE) Irvine homily 6 Susan Irvine 69
C.B.3.4.3 ANON (OE) Irvine homily 7 Susan Irvine 40
C.A.17 ANON (OE) Judgement Day II M. Griffith 79
C.A.4.2 ANON (OE) Judith M. Griffith 51
C.A.26 ANON (OE) Kentish Psalm (Psalm 50) S.L. Keefer 5
C.B.3.3.31 ANON (OE) Life of Paulinus J. Roberts 7
C.B.3.3.10 ANON (OE) Life of St Guthlac (prose) J. Roberts 56
C.B.3.3.15 ANON (OE) Life of St Margaret (BL MS Cotton Otho B.x) H. Magennis 2
C.B.3.3.16 ANON (OE) Life of St Margaret (BL MS Cotton Tiberius A.iii) H. Magennis 51
C.B.3.3.14 ANON (OE) Life of St Margaret (CCCC MS 303) H. Magennis 31
C.B.3.3.23.A ANON (OE) Life of St Mary of Egypt [second edition] H. Magennis 42
C.A.6 ANON (OE) Meters of Boethius D.C. Anlezark 207
C.B.3.4.27 ANON (OE) Napier homily 30 M. Atherton 58
C.B.3.4.34 ANON (OE) Napier homily 42 J. Wilcox 59
C.B.3.4.36 ANON (OE) Napier homily 45 M. Atherton 134
C.B.3.4.37 ANON (OE) Napier homily 46 J. Wilcox 6
C.B.3.4.38 ANON (OE) Napier homily 47 M. Atherton 11
C.B.3.4.40 ANON (OE) Napier homily 50 M. Atherton 102
C.B.3.4.44 ANON (OE) Napier homily 55 M. Atherton 9
C.B.3.4.46 ANON (OE) Napier homily 57 M. Atherton 142
C.B.3.4.47 ANON (OE) Napier homily 58 M. Atherton 29
C.B.3.4.53 ANON (OE) Napier Sunday Epistle homily (Furnivall Festschrift) M. Atherton 78
C.B.16.15 ANON (OE) Old English Bull of Pope Sergius C. Rauer 1
C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (John) R.M. Liuzza 880
C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (Luke) R.M. Liuzza 1138
C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (Mark) R.M. Liuzza 677
C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (Matthew) R.M. Liuzza 1068
C.B.12.6.2 ANON (OE) On Alleluia Peter Jackson 12
C.B.12.6.1 ANON (OE) On Alleluia Peter Jackson 2
C.B.9.2 ANON (OE) Orosius, History against the Pagans R. Jayatilaka 1281
C.A.3.28 ANON (OE) Pharaoh D.C. Anlezark 2
C.A.31 ANON (OE) Seasons for Fasting Mary P. Richards 35
C.B.3.3.34 ANON (OE) Seven Sleepers H. Magennis 14
C.B.3.3.3 ANON (OE) St Chad C. Rauer 14
C.B.3.3.4 ANON (OE) St Christopher C. Rauer 1
C.B.3.3.7 ANON (OE) St Euphrosyne H. Magennis 11
C.B.3.3.8 ANON (OE) St Eustace and his companions H. Magennis 14
C.B.3.3.11 ANON (OE) St James the Greater Joana Proud 59
C.B.3.3.13 ANON (OE) St Machutus C. Rauer 130
C.B.3.3.28 ANON (OE) St Neot C. Rauer 21
C.B.3.3.30 ANON (OE) St Pantaleon Joana Proud 51
C.B.3.3.33 ANON (OE) St Quintin C. Rauer 1
C.B.3.4.54 ANON (OE) Sunday Epistle homily (CCCC MS 140) M. Atherton 38
C.B.19.6 ANON (OE) The Days of Summer and Winter C. Rauer 2
C.A.3.14 ANON (OE) The Order of the World D.C. Anlezark 13
C.A.3.16 ANON (OE) The Panther C. Rauer 3
C.A.3.18 ANON (OE) The Partridge C. Rauer 2
C.A.3.4 ANON (OE) The Phoenix M. Griffith 107
C.A.3.17 ANON (OE) The Whale C. Rauer 2
C.B.22.2 ANON (OE) The Wonders of the East Christine Rauer 37
C.B.10.6.2 ANON (OE) Theodulfi Capitula B G. Agricola 122
C.B.3.2.45 ANON (OE) Tristram homily 3 M. Atherton 69
C.B.3.2.24 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 1 M. Atherton 48
C.B. ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 1a-De parasceue M. Atherton 89
C.B.3.2.11 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 3 M. Atherton 59
C.B.3.4.9 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 4 M. Atherton 18
C.B.3.2.1 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 5 M. Atherton 127
C.B.3.4.10 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 6 M. Atherton 38
C.B.3.2.3 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 8 M. Atherton 26
C.B.3.2.4 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 9 M. Atherton 35
C.B.3.2.40 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 10 M. Atherton 49
C.B.3.2.36 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 11 M. Atherton 21
C.B.3.2.39 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 12 M. Atherton 11
C.B.3.2.43 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 13 M. Atherton 2
C.B.3.5.11 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 14 M. Atherton 23
C.B.3.4.6 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 15 M. Atherton 52
C.B.3.2.2 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 16 M. Atherton 13
C.B.3.3.19 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 17 M. Atherton 14
C.B.3.3.17 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 18 M. Atherton 25
C.B.3.2.34 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 19 M. Atherton 72
C.B.3.2.38 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 20 M. Atherton 48
C.B.3.4.7 ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 22 M. Atherton 79
C.B. ANON (OE) Vercelli homily 23 (Guthlac) J. Roberts 9
C.B.4.2 ANON (OE) Vision of Leofric Peter Jackson 25
C.B.3.3.35 ANON (OE) Vitas Patrum Peter Jackson 12
L.D.2.0 ASSER Vita Ælfredi regis Richard Hewitt 138
L.F.2.1 BEDA Commentarius in Genesim (Libri I et II) R.C. Love 692
L.A.2.2 BEDA De die iudicii Andy Orchard 15
L.A.2.2a BEDA De die iudicii M. Griffith 106
L.F.2.16 BEDA Explanatio Apocalypsis R.C. Love 1103
L.D.1.4 BEDA Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum K. Scarfe Beckett 460
L.C.8.01 BEDA Letter to John, prefatory to Vita metrica S. Cuthberti R.C. Love 2
L.E.1.4 BEDA Martyrologium R.C. Love 630
L.E.1.5 BEDA Passio S. Anastasii R.C. Love 5
L.A.2.1 BEDA Vita metrica S. Cuthberti A. Orchard and R.C. Love 103
L.E.1.1 BEDA Vita S. Cuthberti (prose) R.C. Love 61
L.E.1.3 BEDA Vita S. Felicis R.C. Love 34
L.A.5.1 BONIFACE Enigma 1 Andy Orchard 5
L.A.5.2 BONIFACE Enigma 2 Andy Orchard 4
L.A.5.3 BONIFACE Enigma 3 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.5.4 BONIFACE Enigma 4 Andy Orchard 4
L.A.5.5 BONIFACE Enigma 5 Andy Orchard 15
L.A.5.6 BONIFACE Enigma 6 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.5.7 BONIFACE Enigma 7 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.5.8 BONIFACE Enigma 8 Andy Orchard 5
L.A.5.9 BONIFACE Enigma 9 Andy Orchard 5
L.A.5.10 BONIFACE Enigma 10 Andy Orchard 8
L.A.5.11 BONIFACE Enigma 11 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.5.12 BONIFACE Enigma 12 Andy Orchard 5
L.A.5.13 BONIFACE Enigma 13 Andy Orchard 18
L.A.5.14 BONIFACE Enigma 14 Andy Orchard 4
L.A.5.15 BONIFACE Enigma 15 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.5.16 BONIFACE Enigma 16 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.5.17 BONIFACE Enigma 17 Andy Orchard 8
L.A.5.18 BONIFACE Enigma 18 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.5.19 BONIFACE Enigma 19 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.5.20 BONIFACE Enigma 20 Andy Orchard 7
L.A.5.1.1 BONIFACE Enigmata prologue Andy Orchard 7
L.C.10.01 BONIFACE Letter 1 (Tangl 9) Andy Orchard 11
L.C.10.02 BONIFACE Letter 2 (Tangl 10) Andy Orchard 2
L.C.10.04 BONIFACE Letter 4 (Tangl 30) Andy Orchard 5
L.C.10.05 BONIFACE Letter 5 (Tangl 31) Andy Orchard 3
L.C.10.06 BONIFACE Letter 6 (Tangl 32) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.10 BONIFACE Letter 10 (Tangl 38) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.12 BONIFACE Letter 12 (Tangl 41) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.13 BONIFACE Letter 13 (Tangl 46) Andy Orchard 4
L.C.10.14 BONIFACE Letter 14 (Tangl 48) Andy Orchard 5
L.C.10.16 BONIFACE Letter 16 (Tangl 63) Andy Orchard 9
L.C.10.17 BONIFACE Letter 17 (Tangl 65) Andy Orchard 5
L.C.10.18 BONIFACE Letter 18 (Tangl 66) Andy Orchard 9
L.C.10.19 BONIFACE Letter 19 (Tangl 67) Andy Orchard 12
L.C.10.20 BONIFACE Letter 20 (Tangl 69) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.21 BONIFACE Letter 21 (Tangl 73) Andy Orchard 21
L.C.10.22 BONIFACE Letter 22 (Tangl 74) Andy Orchard 2
L.C.10.23 BONIFACE Letter 23 (Tangl 75) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.24 BONIFACE Letter 24 (Tangl 76) Andy Orchard 3
L.C.10.25 BONIFACE Letter 25 (Tangl 78) Andy Orchard 30
L.C.10.26 BONIFACE Letter 26 (Tangl 86) Andy Orchard 3
L.C.10.27 BONIFACE Letter 27 (Tangl 91) Andy Orchard 1
L.C.10.29 BONIFACE Letter 29 (Tangl 94) Andy Orchard 10
L.C.10.33 BONIFACE Letter 33 (Tangl 104) Andy Orchard 4
L.C.10.34 BONIFACE Letter 34 (Tangl 106) Andy Orchard 5
L.E.10.2 BYRHTFERTH Vita S. Ecgwini R.C. Love 92
L.E.10.1 BYRHTFERTH Vita S. Oswaldi R.C. Love 103
L.E.11.1 BYRHTHELM Vita S. Dunstani R.C. Love 22
C.A.3.1.2 CYNEWULF Christ 2 (The Ascension) R.E. Greenman 100
C.A.2.6 CYNEWULF Elene Susan Rosser 113
C.A.2.2 CYNEWULF Fates of the Apostles Susan Rosser 36
C.A.3.5 CYNEWULF Juliana Susan Rosser 41
L.C.13.01 DANIEL Letter 1 Andy Orchard 1
L.C.13.02 DANIEL Letter 2 Andy Orchard 3
L.C.13.03 DANIEL Letter 3 Andy Orchard 17
L.A.4.3 EVSEBIUS Enigma 3 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.12 EVSEBIUS Enigma 12 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.30 EVSEBIUS Enigma 30 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.34 EVSEBIUS Enigma 34 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.38 EVSEBIUS Enigma 38 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.40 EVSEBIUS Enigma 40 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.43 EVSEBIUS Enigma 43 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.48 EVSEBIUS Enigma 48 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.53 EVSEBIUS Enigma 53 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.4.54 EVSEBIUS Enigma 54 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.4.55 EVSEBIUS Enigma 55 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.4.56 EVSEBIUS Enigma 56 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.4.57 EVSEBIUS Enigma 57 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.4.58 EVSEBIUS Enigma 58 Andy Orchard 1
L.E.2.1 FELIX Vita S. Guthlaci R.C. Love 117
L.E.14.2 FOLCARD Vita S. Botolphi R.C. Love 7
L.E.14.1 FOLCARD Vita S. Iohannis Beuerlacensis ep. R.C. Love 12
L.A.8 FRITHEGOD Breuiloquium vitae Wilfridi R.C. Love 51
L.E.15.9 GOSCELIN De translatione SS uirg. Ethelburgae Hildelithae ac Wlfildae R.C. Love 3
L.E.15.14 GOSCELIN Historia maior de adventu S. Augustini R.C. Love 38
L.E.15.11 GOSCELIN Visio de S. Ethelburgae R.C. Love 3
L.E.15.4 GOSCELIN Vita brevior S. Kenelmi R.C. Love 15
L.E.15.3 GOSCELIN Vita et miracula S. Kenelmi R.C. Love 14
L.E.15.12 GOSCELIN Vita et uirtutes S. Ethelburgae R.C. Love 20
L.E.15.13 GOSCELIN Vita et uirtutes S. Vulfhilde R.C. Love 21
L.E.15.1 GOSCELIN Vita S. Edithe R.C. Love 224
L.E.15.26 GOSCELIN Vita S. Mildrethe R.C. Love 87
L.E.15.2 GOSCELIN Vita S. Wlsini R.C. Love 35
L.E.5.1 HYGEBURG Vita SS. Willibaldi et Wynnebaldi R.C. Love 44
L.C.11.01 LULL Letter 1 (Tangl 49) Andy Orchard 9
L.C.11.02 LULL Letter 2 (Tangl 70) Andy Orchard 5
L.C.11.03 LULL Letter 3 (Tangl 71) Andy Orchard 3
L.C.11.04 LULL Letter 4 (Tangl 92) Andy Orchard 11
L.C.11.05 LULL Letter 5 (Tangl 98) Andy Orchard 12
L.C.11.06 LULL Letter 6 (Tangl 100) Andy Orchard 4
L.C.53.02 ODA Prefatory letter to Frithegod's Breuiloquium uitae Wilfridi R.C. Love 5
L.E.3.1 STEPHEN OF RIPON Vita S. Wilfridi R.C. Love 31
L.A.3.1 TATWINE Enigma 1 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.3.2 TATWINE Enigma 2 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.3 TATWINE Enigma 3 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.4 TATWINE Enigma 4 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.3.6 TATWINE Enigma 6 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.7 TATWINE Enigma 7 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.11 TATWINE Enigma 11 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.17 TATWINE Enigma 17 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.3.24 TATWINE Enigma 24 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.25 TATWINE Enigma 25 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.31 TATWINE Enigma 31 Andy Orchard 2
L.A.3.32 TATWINE Enigma 32 Andy Orchard 1
L.A.3.34 TATWINE Enigma 34 Andy Orchard 3
L.A.3.39 TATWINE Enigma 39 Andy Orchard 2
C.B.9.5 WAERFERTH Gregory the Great, Dialogues R. Jayatilaka 1064
L.E.4.1 WILLIBALD Vita S. Bonifatii R.C. Love 66
L.A.9.1 WULFSTAN CANTOR Vita metrica S. Swithuni R.C. Love 54
L.A.9.1.1 WULFSTAN CANTOR Vita metrica S. Swithuni, Epistola specialis R.C. Love 32
L.E.9.2 WULFSTAN CANTOR Vita S. Æthelwoldi R.C. Love 35
C.B.13.1.1 WULFSTAN OF YORK Canons of Edgar J. Hart 77
C.B.2.1.1 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 1b S.J. Hollis 5
C.B.2.1.2 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 2 S.J. Hollis 6
C.B.2.1.3 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 3 S.J. Hollis 8
C.B.2.1.4 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 4 S.J. Hollis 14
C.B.2.1.5 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 5 S.J. Hollis 26
C.B.2.2.1 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 6 S.J. Hollis 31
C.B.2.2.2 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 7 S.J. Hollis 23
C.B.2.2.3 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 7a S.J. Hollis 14
C.B.2.2.4 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 8b S.J. Hollis 24
C.B.2.2.5 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 8c S.J. Hollis 20
C.B.2.2.6 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 9 S.J. Hollis 4
C.B.2.2.7 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 10a S.J. Hollis 19
C.B.2.2.8 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 10c S.J. Hollis 48
C.B.2.2.9 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 11 S.J. Hollis 44
C.B.2.2.10 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 12 S.J. Hollis 3
C.B.2.3.1 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 13 S.J. Hollis 10
C.B.2.3.2 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 14 S.J. Hollis 1
C.B.2.3.3 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 15 S.J. Hollis 14
C.B.2.3.4 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 16b S.J. Hollis 11
C.B.2.3.5 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 17 S.J. Hollis 10
C.B.2.3.6 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 18 S.J. Hollis 23
C.B.2.4.1 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 19 S.J. Hollis 4
C.B. WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 20 (EI) S.J. Hollis 10
C.B.2.4.3 WULFSTAN OF YORK Homily 21 S.J. Hollis 1


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