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Papers read at previous open meetings


Edward B. Irving: 'The Sources of Exodus'

Éamonn Ó Carragaín: 'The Ruthwell Cross Poem'

Jane Roberts: 'Sources and Analogues of Guthlac A'


Marilyn Deegan 'Some Problems in the Sources of Anglo-Saxon Medical Texts'

Ann Knock: 'Mirabilia'

Jonathan Wilcox: 'The Uses of Vernacular Sources in Some Old English Homilies'


Mary Clayton: 'Aspects of the Cult of the Virgin in Late Anglo-Saxon England'

Susan Irvine: '"Swa swa us sægæð bec": Sources for the Belfour Homilies'

Hugh Magennis: '"Hleahtor wera" in Old English Poetry: No Laughing Matter'

Don Scragg: 'A Plain Man's Guide to the Fontes Database'

Jane Stevenson: 'Irish Sources for Later Anglo-Latin'


Lynne Grundy: 'Ælfric's Sermo de sacrificio in die pascae: figura and veritas'

Peter Jackson: 'The Vitae Patrum in Anglo-Saxon England'

Sian Mosford: 'On the Sources of the Whitby Life of Gregory the Great'

Peter Orton: 'Progress of the King's College Archive and Bibliography'

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Joyce Hill: 'Ælfric and the Smaragdus Problem'

Alex Nicholls: 'Sources of St Sebastian, St George and St Eustace'

Andy Orchard: 'The Poetic Art of Aldhelm: Use of Sources'

Gopa Roy: 'A Virgin Acts Manfully: The Latin and Old English Versions of the Life of Eugenia'

Mary Swan: 'Ælfric as Source'

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Joan Hart: 'Sources of Bede's Commentary on Luke'

Stuart Lee: 'Some Old English "fragments that remain"?'

Peter J. Lucas: 'Easter, the Death of St Guthlac and the Liturgy for Holy Saturday in Felix's Vita and the Old English Guthlac B'

Milton McC. Gatch: 'Resources for the Study of Gregory the Great in Anglo-Saxon England'

Richard Marsden: 'Latin Sources of the Old English Hexateuch'

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Alicia Corrêa: 'Sourcing the Leofric Missal: Data for the Anglo-Latin Bibliography'

Mary Garrison: 'Alcuin and Boethius'

Richard Greenman: 'Approaching the Sources of Christ II'

Hugh Magennis: 'Versions of the St Margaret Legend in Anglo-Saxon England'

Patrick Wormald: 'Carolingian Sources for Anglo-Saxon Legislation'

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Peter Clemoes: 'The Complexity of Sourcing Poetry: The Dream of the Rood 52b-56a'

Wendy Collier: 'The Tremulous Hand'

James E. Cross: 'Archbishop Wulfstan Prepares'

Sam Newton: 'Some Beowulf Origins'

Elaine Treharne: 'The Author and Sources of the Old English Lives of SS. Nicholas and Giles'

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Stewart Brookes: 'for þan ðe godes lof ys gelogod þæron: Ælfric's adaptation of the Book of Esther'

Graham Caie: 'Judgements in Translation from iudicium to dom: Some thoughts on the Old English translation of Bede's Doomsday Poem'

Jessica Cook: 'The Sources of the Harley Glossary'

Hugh Fogarty: 'Deviating into Sense: Source-study as an Aid to Interpretation of Exodus'

Richard North: 'Latin and Germanic Analogues for Woden worhte weos'

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Andrew Breeze: 'The Blessed Virgin and The Dream of the Rood'

Jodi-Anne George: 'The Sources of the Old English Daniel'

Edward Pettit: 'The Sources of Some lacnunga'

Phillip Pulsiano: 'The Originality of the Old English Gloss of the Vespasian Psalter and its Relation to the Gloss of the Junius Psalter'

Loredana Teresi: 'The Vernacular Sources of the Homily Be heofonwarum and be hellwarum'

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Ivan Herbison: 'Generic Adaptation in Andreas'

Rohini Jayatilaka: 'The Old English Benedictine Rule: Adaptation and Sources'

Michael Lapidge: 'Byrhtferth and his Books'

Ann Squires: 'The Nature of a Poetic "Source": The Old English Physiologus Poem'

Paul Szarmach: 'Ten Years of Theory, Ten Years of Sources'

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Daniel Anlezark: 'The Origins of Noah's Fourth Son'

Mark Atherton: 'Vercelli Homily V and the Catechesis Celtica'

J. R. Hall: 'Old English Exodus: Sources and Sauces'

Joyce Hill: 'Targeting Women: a Translation and Adaptation of the Regularis Concordia'

Rosalind Love: 'Sourcing the Anglo-Latin Charters'

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Brad Bedingfield: 'The Liturgy as a Source: Ælfric's Sermons for Candlemass and Palm Sunday'

Tom Hall: '"Their Souls Will Shine Seven Times Brighter than the Sun": An Eschatological Motif and its Permutations in Old English"

Angelika Lutz: 'A Latin text and its Old English Source: Æthelweard's Chronicon in the Light of Latin and Old English Stylistic Conventions'

Christine Rauer: 'Beowulf and the Celtic World: The Dragon-Episode'

Susan Rosser: 'Elene: Sources, Contexts and Feminist Readings'

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Fred M. Biggs: 'The Sermons of St Augustine in SASLC and Fontes'

Helen Conrad-O'Briain: 'Vergilian Commentaries and the Anglo-Saxonist: Well Worth the Trouble'

Mark Griffith: 'Some Remarks on the Sources of Ælfric's Preface to Genesis'

Katharine Scarfe Beckett: 'A Welter of Orientals'

Philippa Semper: 'Diagrams and Sources in Byrhtferth's Enchiridion'

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Patrizia Lendinara: 'Can a Gloss be used in Source-Study?'

Thomas O'Loughlin: 'Bede's Exegetical Manuals: The Preservation and Transformation of Sources'

Robert Upchurch: 'On Aldhelm's and Ælfric's treatment of the married virgins Chrysanthus and Daria and Julian and Basilissa in the De virginitate and the Lives of the Saints'

Elizabeth Tyler: 'Rewriting History: The Vita Ædwardi and the Encomium Emmae Reginae'

Alan Thacker: 'Bede and Augustine of Hippo'

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Charles Wright: 'Three New Texts of the Apocalypse of Thomas'

David Pelteret: 'Source as Polemic in Stephen of Ripon's Vita Wilfridi'

Jayne Carroll: 'Æthelweard's Poems on King Edgar'

Elizabeth Robinson: 'Following the Trail: Some Vernacular and Latin prayers Compared'

Allen J. Frantzen: 'Problems in Source-study Methodology for the Anglo-Saxon Penitentials'

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Richard Hewitt: 'Old English Sources for Latin Texts'

Philip A. Shaw: 'A Mercurius Complex: Anglo-Saxon Sources and Uses of the Roman Pagan Deity Mercurius'

Catherine Clarke: 'Guthlac A Revisited: Some Latin Panegyric Motifs in Old English'

Kathryn Lowe: 'Politics, Poetry, and Privilege: Lydgate's Translations of Pre-Conquest Charters from Bury St Edmunds'

Elaine Treharne: 'What of the Source? Repositioning the Vernacular Text'

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Don Scragg: 'Fontes Shaping the Field'

Rosalind Love: 'Integrating Anglo-Latin'

Malcolm Godden and Rohini Jayatilaka: 'Keeping Up With Technology'

Christine Rauer: 'The Future of Fontes'

Gabriella Corona: 'Basil of Caesarea, Bede and Ælfric'

Augustine Casiday: 'St Aldhelm on apocrypha'

Chris Jones: 'Auden and His Anglo-Saxon Fontes'

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Malcolm Godden: 'The Alfred Boethius Project I: Coping with Boethian Commentaries'

Susan Irvine: 'The Alfred Boethius Project II: Editing the Cotton Version'

Don Scragg: 'An Inventory of Scribes and Spellings in Eleventh-Century English'

Jon Wilcox: 'Methodology, Manuscripts and Meaning'

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Samantha Zacher: 'The Sources and Audience of Vercelli Homily VII'

Tereli Askwith: 'Aldhelm, Patristics and the Anglo-Saxon Audience'

Daniel Anlezark: 'Grendel and the Book of Wisdom'

Andy Orchard: 'Placing the Commonplace in Anglo-Saxon Literature: More Sources and Resources?'

Andrew Wareham: 'The Liber Vitae Dunelmensis: Facsimile, Edition and Palaeographical, Prosopographical and Linguistic Commentary'

Andy Bell: 'The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England: Possibilities and Problems'

Mary Swan and Orietta Da Rold: 'The English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220 Project and the Making of a Re-Source'

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