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The stand-alone version of the Fontes database for PCs

We have developed a new computer application so that the Fontes database can be used directly on your PC, independently of the internet. (NOTE: The application is not designed to work on Apple Macs.)

It uses Microsoft Access 2000, but for those who do not have Access 2000 installed on their PCs the package includes a Runtime version which can be installed as part of the application (but please note that the Runtime software requires at least 70MB of disk space). The stand-alone version offers very substantial advances on the current web version, including: some very useful summary results, such as the full list of source authors used by a particular writer; more detail on records; the opportunity to see a range of records at the same time, and to move easily backwards and forwards; easier access and more transparent results; access to the Fontes register without needing to be connected to the internet; and a copy of the full database in Microsoft Access 97 giving you access to all the data that we have and which you can use in MS Access or another database programme to run your own queries (please note our COPYRIGHT AND PERMISSIONS statement below).

The new application (designated 'CD-ROM Version 1.1') was initially published on CD-ROM and there are a limited number of copies left. It is also available as a download from this site.

Download version

CD-ROM version

The data in this application is the copyright of the Fontes Anglo-Saxonici project, and use of it in publications should be acknowledged as described under Information. Users are welcome to copy the application for their own use or for others, or to network it as long as its form is not changed and acknowledgement is made to the project. You may not sell or hire this product in any form.

While the project team have tested the application on various operating systems and setups, we do not offer any warranty, either wholly or in part, for this application. By using this software, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of data from, your system either directly or indirectly related to the use of this software.

The stand-alone version of the Fontes application (also called CD-ROM Version 1.1) was developed by David Miles in collaboration with Dr Rohini Jayatilaka and Professor Malcolm Godden
© Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Project, 2002
Published by the Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Project
Oxford, 2002

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Page created 28 January 2003
Page updated 3 February 2003